How do you leave a lasting impression? It starts with branding. 

We go from brainstorming to defined brand identity with you.

Your Message

What should we think of when we see your name? Defining your message is an essential area of branding. Palm Collective works with you in determining your mission. Why does your company exist? How can we benefit from using your products or services? Answering this helps guide the right people to your brand. 

Starting with your message helps us get a better idea of what your brand is about. We want to accurately express this identity.

Logo Design

Once we can grasp your message, we can begin designing a logo to fit it. Your logo helps us remember who you are. It is typically the first thing people will see. We want your logo to stand out and leave a lasting impression. We work with you to create a logo or brand mark that really represents you.
Colors, symbolism, size, typefaces, all play a role in creating a logo. Each has a meaning behind them in your logo.

Guidelines & Marketing Materials

How should you display your logo? We create instructions on the best ways to show your logo.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines help keep consistency. We layout exactly how to display your logo, what colors to use, and suggested sizing.

Marketing Materials

Business cards, brochures, t-shirts, we design it all. Tell us what you would like to display your logo on, and we'll help you out from mockup to final design files.

Pressional Printing

We have great resources to professional printers. We'll point you in the right direction and handle all the technical stuff for you.