Digital Advertising

Reach out to target audiences like never before with digital advertising. We work with platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram to display in front of millions!

Digital Advertising

Target The
Right People

We spend your money, but the right way. Without proper targeting, you’ll see money spent, but nothing to show. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram allow us to find the right people for your company. We can target locations, languages, income, interests, and more! Audiences can be as specific or as broad as you want.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful platform to use. At Palm Collective, we like to utilize Search and Display campaigns. Being a Google Partner, you could say we know what we’re doing. Search campaigns typically display at the top of search results. Creating captivating ad copy, we drive target audiences to your site. With Display campaigns, we show your brand on Google’s network of over a million websites. We like to use both with every company.

Drive Website Traffic

We help you grow online sales, bookings, mailing list sign ups and more. Ads help drive the right traffic to your website

Increase Phone Calls

Using Google Ads click-to-call feature, we can increase incoming calls from targeted audiences!

More Location Visits

Get more customers at your location! Location ads bring online users in the door.


Facebook Ads are a necessity for local and national businesses. With Facebook, we can create captivating content that will drive users to your website, page, or anywhere else desired! Just like Google Ads, we can target users that are more likely to engage with you. Whether you’re trying to get a lead, a call, blog views, or more likes, we can do it all.

Instagram Ads

Just like Facebook (which owns Instagram), engaging content is a must with Instagram Ads. Being connected to Facebook, we can use the same tools to drive traffic from the right online users. You can even run the same ad on both platforms! Whether it’s a still image or video, we will push your brand are far as we can on the platform.