Altier Rare Coins

Located in Coral Springs, Florida, Altier Rare Coins is one of the leading precious metal and rare coin dealers in South Florida. Justin Altier, the owner, is a collector himself and has worked with clientele all over the US. Altier Rare Coins will offer you the highest price possible in South Florida!

What We Helped With

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • SEO

Improving Design & Functionality

Altier Rare Coin’s website had amazing content to begin with, but a design that needed an update. Along with this, a lot of the standard practices for basic SEO were not in place. Building a new website for Altier Rare Coins, we wanted to make sure it stood out from other precious metal and coin dealers. Utilizing WordPress to manage all of the existing content, we created a new theme for Altier Rare Coins. Because they also run ad campaigns, we also made sure to implement Google Tag manager to for tracking visitors and their actions on the website.

Altier Rare Coins Mock